Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Allie's FAVORITE Travel Essentials

Hi friends and followers of Lindsey! I'm so excited to be here today. Linds and I go way back... like to middle school, way back. Just recently we discovered that we're both bloggers. It was only a matter of time before we did a swap! 

Over at AllisonMaeB I share all things I love, including fashion, gifts, and gadgets... so naturally here are my favorite Travel Outfits and Essentials! 

It's so important to be comfortable during travel. Whether it's by plane, train or automobile, this is my go to. Some prefer to travel in a dress. They are lightweight and comfortable and usually wrinkle free. It's important, though, to consider all temps. Airplanes can be chilly. And you never know what is on the seat in trains and taxis, so I shy away from bare legs! I always opt for a comfortable pair of pants. I'm loving these LC Lauren Conrad Skinny Ankle Jeans (AND, they are on sale for $17.60!). If jeans are not your thing... or you don't want any buttons, go for a comfy pair of leggings. 

Shoes are also very important in travel. As much as we would all like to strut in an airport rocking six inch heels, it's just not practical. Whether it is running to catch a flight or standing in long security lines, comfort is key to prevent additional crabbiness. I was instantly hooked when TOMS Shoes first came on the scene. For every pair of shoes you buy, a pair is given to a child in need. They quickly gained popularity and continually come out with new colors and designs. I'm loving this pair. 

What you wear on top is really a matter of preference, but it is very important to layer. While the air can be chilly, lugging around luggage can prove to be quite a work out. How cute is this sleeveless chiffon top from Modcloth?! It's nice and flawy - so it's super comfy, but the cute bow and pop of color will make sure comfort doesn't compromise being chic! Over the top, a lightweight cardi like this one is perfect. Another bonus to layers? If you are in need of a pillow, roll up your cardi! Viola! No need to add to your luggage by bringing a neck pillow!  

This brings me to my essentials. First up... a big tote. I adore this one from Mango. Chic, roomy and under $100! 

Now, here are my favorite things to put IN said bag while traveling:

First up, reading material! Usually, I am a book girl. However, I tend to get distracted while I travel so I stick to magazines. Vogue, the fashion bible, is a favorite but I am also smitten with Real Simple Magazine

How perfect is this travel wallet from ModCloth?! No need to worry about misplacing your ID when digging for your cash or your passport. It's all in one place! Love. 

Gum, of course... you're in close proximity to many folks while traveling, bad breath = bad looks. :-) Also, I need to chomp away during take off and landing, it helps with my ears! 

Ziplock bags. This is THE BEST TIP I've ever gotten. Place panties and other intimates in ziplock bags at the bottom of your carry on. That way, if the unthinkable happens and your luggage is lost, at least you have your clean undies! (I usually put at least one outfit in a ziplock too.) Use ziplocks for all your fluids, of course. (This is a requirement in all airports now.) Use ziplocks for snacks. KEEP all the ziplocks and use them for your dirty/sandy swim suits and undergarments in your suitcase on the way home. Genius! 

Travel days can be long days. A quick way to freshen up is with dry shampoo. I've had the best luck with this cheap kind from Target.

Water, water, WATER. I know it's easy to hold of on the water during travel. Bathrooms are not always close, clean or available when you need them. But, it is so so so important to stay hydrated when you travel. My favorite is Smart Water because it has electrolytes in it (Like Gatorade!). But, they won't let that bottle past security. So, chug one on your drive to the airport and grab a bottle like this to fill up when you are past security.   

Snacks are EXPENSIVE anywhere you travel. So, bring your own. Nuts and berries are the best travel snacks. Bring this whole bag or break it up into different ziplocks so you have more ziplocks for later! :-)

Eos is my FAVORITE lip balm right now. Keep those lips hydrated! 

Any makeup you cannot live without on your trip? Keep it in your carry on. I'm loving this makeup bag, also from Modcloth! 

Finally, another BIG favorite of mine, Yes to Carrots Face Wipes - Cucumber. Wipe your hands, face, neck... even your seat tray and phone! I use these every night before bed... but they are really perfect for travel. 

A BIG thank you to Lindsey for letting me stop by today! She is over at my blog talking Romantic Getaways! Be sure to stop by and say hi to me at AllisonMaeB

Cheers to happy travels, 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Top 10 Romantic Getaways

This Valentine's Day is taking place during one of the coldest winters ever... so what better way to celebrate than planning a romantic getaway!  

Check out my Top 10 list of Romantic Getaways to find your perfect fit over at

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snowmobiling in West Yellowstone

Well, Nick and I took our first road trip!  We made the 16 hour drive out to West Yellowstone this winter with my parents to go snowmobiling.  Snowmobiling out there has always been a fond memory of Nick's growing up and he was just itching to share it with me.  Nick has been such a good sport with our travels, going wherever I want, so I knew that I just had to make this trip happen at some point this winter.... And boy am I glad we did!

I was a little nervous to drive my own snowmobile out west, as I wasn't sure what to expect. In Minnesota, much of my snowmobiling experience has been in the ditches, which is difficult riding.  When riding in the ditches, I can throw my whole weight over the side of the snowmobile and it just isn't enough to keep the snowmobile moving in my intended direction. However, out west was a different story.  I felt so spoiled on the groom trails weaving in and out of tree packed mountains.  It was stunning!  Around every turn and corner I wanted to scream to Nick, "LOOK!"  There is just nothing more beautiful than heavy snow weighing down the trees.

On our first morning hitting the trails, we reached a point of higher elevation and I stopped to take a couple pictures.  I jumped off the snowmobile and sunk right to my waist... not what I was expecting!   Those little trees poking out of the snow, was apparently just the top of some much larger trees. Soon after, we reached the top of Two Top Loop and this was the highlight of our trip!  I especially enjoyed the riding in the powder up top, it sure beats the ice we snowmobile on in Minnesota!  I learned real quickly that if I get stuck, it's no big deal... Nick will dig me out! ;) haha...

One thing we did not do was ride the snowmobiles into Yellowstone park.  We are saving that for a next trip out there.  Riding into the park itself requires a guide, and these tours fill up fast as a limited number of snowmobiles are allowed into the park each day.  The tours generally cost $45/sled, and an additional $15/sled to enter the park.  While you'll see a lot of wildlife up close and personal, the speed limits through the park are incredibly slow and there is absolutely no riding in the powder off the trail. Despite this, I am still excited to check this out next time.

We rented our snowmobiles from Yellowstone Adventures - they were brand spanking new with only 3 miles on them! They also offer a full set of gear (helmet, snowmobile suit, boots, gloves, and face mask) for only $17.  By booking through Yellowstone Adventures we were able to get a hotel room right in town at a discounted price.  We were able to snowmobile right in and out of the Best Western Desert Inn hotel, the room slept four, and it included a free breakfast.  Additionally, I must say that the hot tub felt amazing after riding 240 miles in two days!  

While staying at the Best Western was a good deal, I think it would be a blast to rent a cabin out there with a large group of people in the future..... So if you have any recommendations, please share! :)  If I were to pass on one piece of advice it would be to hit the trails at sunrise.  Be the first on the trail and enjoy making the first tracks!

Bon Voyage!